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Stickers And Labels

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Any Graphics is capable of producing a variety of stickers & self adhesive labels like product labels, instruction/caution labels, warranty seals & barcode labels (pre-printed or plain) using a wide range of paper, film & foil substrates

The multiple options like embossing, perforation, serial numbering, matt and gloss varnish combination & delivery in roll or sheet formats can be provided to the customers depending upon their requirements

Graphic Overlays

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Overlays designs may incorporate clear windows for LED lights/display screen, cut out areas for access to buttons, or a simple and elegant embossed front panel giving a 3D positive feel

The surface finish may vary from complete or selective texture, gloss, matt, satin to velvet depending upon the preference of a customer to provide high end professional finish to the products. Alternatively, it can be combined with selective doming at some areas to provide an exquisite look to the emblem

Dome Stickers

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Dome stickers are the right solution for your brand to stand out in style. Also known as bubble stickers, formed by a clear layer of polyurethane give a high quality three dimensional (3D) appearance with remarkable visual impact

The clear domed shaped layer provides an exquisite look to the emblem differentiating it from substitute products. Doming are available in options like full- classic doming, selective doming or letter cut doming depending upon the choice and need of the customers

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