Savira Face Shield

Reusable Safety Face Shield
Anti-fog Full Face Shield,
Universal Face Protective Visor for Eye Head Protection, Anti-Spitting Splash Facial Cover for Women, Men Face


· Anti-fog design of the surface and Anti-static process.
· Made of lightweight material, with strong transparency
· Keep the whole face away from droplets, saliva, splash, oil, and dust.
· Comfortable and skin-friendly sponge to face shield.
· Nice elasticity whole shield, works for most people.
·100% brand new and high quality.
· It has an adjustable headband.
· Flexible structure,comfortable wearing.
· Portable, lightweight and durable. · Looking for a safety face shield that is practical and recyclable?
· Here we are, our safety face shield is the best choice for you. ·
Designed for Men and Women (All Ages), Children's.
The Full Face Shield is made with the same quality and standards trusted
by medical centers and hospitals across the country. It provides excellent
protection against potential contamination from sneezing, coughing, airborne
bugs, and harmful chemical splashes. These reusable face shields are
perfect for areas where higher protection might be required, such as
hospitals, airplanes, big crowds, etc.


Conveniently designed to be comfortably worn for long periods, The Direct
Splash Protection Shield can be worn wherever you go. Whether you're
going shopping, to work, or using public transportation, you can wear this
virtually anywhere!


· Designed for everyday protection.
· Please remove the protective film before use. Rinse with water to clean after
· Recommended using face shields.
· Please keep it away from the fire.
· Children must use it under parental supervision.


Material: Polycarbonate, Size: 22cm x 34cm

Savira Face Shield

Please find below a few of the benefits of using face shields in these crucial times.

1) When someone with Covid-19 wears a face shield, they can prevent other people from being infected.

2) Itís also vital for healthcare workers to wear face shields, both during surgery and routine procedures, to prevent patients becoming infected.

3) If someone is working in emergency services like Daily necessity shop keepers or workers, pharmaceutical or medical staff, fuel station staff, etc. this is mandatory for them to use face shield as they come in contact with many people daily so they can protect themselves from being infected.
4) Police / other emergency staff also should use these face shields to protect themselves from being infected.

5) Lastly we would also suggest that the common man use this face shield to protect each one of us from saving our lives.

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